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«EDiRo» company — we develop industrial robots, create projects for robotics cells, develop adaptive systems, deliver and launch robotics. We can build individual project, robotizing your site area, as well as complete your cell on a «turn-key basis» — the optimum solutions for most production objectives of our clients. The key concepts of our company are flexibility and modern technologies’ solutions for every specific challenge.


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Coordinative Adaptive System

History of development


  • Us

    Initially, we are system integrators of industrial robots. We work on projects with different levels of complexity — from a simple cell to a complete robot-operated manufactory. We believe that making robotics is a very creative process that requires non-standard thinking and following up on all latest trends towards automation.

  • Our Vision

    We see industrial production as a process with endless potential for improvement. Advanced production today — it is not the thousands but just tens of employees plus automation in most of the industrial areas with high level of productivity. There is electronic monitoring of every step of the way of making a product, logistics and other services. Our goal is to help costumers implement the newest developments and take them to a higher production level.

  • Automation

    Lack of qualified personnel is often the main reason for production’s unstable quality and delays. In this case, the ideal solution is the implementation of automated equipment and data collection systems. But instead of cumbersome machinery, there are new compact industrial robots. With good care such robots can work for many years, keeping its repeatability, speed and work quality. Tens of thousands of robots bring huge profit to its owners around the globe everyday.

  • Why Choose Us?

    In comparison to the common robotics manufacturers, we offer more accessible and affordable solution to enhance throughput of your industrial production. We make our own software, use lighter hardware to build robots and can work with individual projects. It saves your company’s time and finances, and improves its value stream. From the first request call and technical assignment, we remain and follow up on with our clients after launching the project, keeping the quality maintenance and efficient consulting.

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Our Amazing Team

Eugeniy Khmelev

Technical Director

Industrial audit specialist, engineer. Eugeniy is a certified specialist in robotics for companies «Kawasaki» and «Yaskawa»; developer of high-technologic products in robotics, automation and mechanical engineering. He is an author of unique technologies for «AvtoVAZ», «Transneft» and «Gazpromneft»; specialist of TOC tools (Theory of Constraints) and SA (System Analysis). He is a creator of module production method.

Ellina Depershmidt


14 years in sales and transactions, 9 years of CEO experience in a group of companies. Ellina builds productions from scratch all the way up to a granted serial production of the products. She has proven record of accomplishment for five successfully scaling companies. She is the owner of Metalworking Company. Ellina is a graduate of the President’s program «Strategic Management».

Alexey Dodonov

Lead Designer

13 years of Graphic Design experience (from corporate identity to editorial and marketing campaigns). Alexey was instrumental in the complete overhaul of the image of a global luxury portfolio of botanical products «Philip B.» in Los Angeles, CA for 9 years. His experience includes logo development and design, label design and continuity, ecommerce banners, press and print collateral for consistent worldwide presence and imagery.

Rustam Khusainov

Lead Programmer

Industrial electronics specialist, software engineer. Rustam went from software engineer to become senior programmer. He worked as industrial equipment developer together with software engineers from Italy, «Danieli» and Germany, «SMS». Rustam specializes in Python, C++ and R.O.S. software. He participated in graphic interface development for various production lines for metallurgical industry.

Sergey Shemarev

International Sales

Established sales representative with 18 years of experience in international sales in Sweden. Sergey’s experience ranges from selling gloves all the way to selling IBM software. He worked with such companies like «Emerson» (USA), «Ericsson» (Sweden) and «ABB» (Sweden). Sergey’s outstanding problems solving choices took him to the top of financial consultants’ group dealing with business expansions.


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